Saturday, 17 September 2011

sample suspension letter..



Employee Name     XXXXX
Address                  zzzzzzzzz

Dear [Employee Name]:

This letter is to inform you that you are hereby suspended from your job without pay for [Number] working days, commencing [Date].  This disciplinary action is being taken based on the following policy breaches.

      1.   [Describe Problem]

      2.   [Describe Problem]

Your conduct as described above constitutes sufficient cause for disciplinary action.  In addition, you have been disciplined in the past for the same problems.

Your formal disciplinary action is:

           Suspension without pay for [Number] consecutive working days beginning [Date].

A copy of this letter will be placed in your personnel file.  You have the right to respond in writing to this information or rebut this suspension.  If you choose to respond, you have until [Date].  Your response, if any, will be included in the file.  It is assumed that you have waived the right to respond if you do not take advantage of the above alternative.

We are extremely upset with your actions in this matter.  The purpose of this suspension is to impress upon you the seriousness with which we regard the above violation of employment and to give you the opportunity to reflect upon your future compliance with our employment standards.  One more violation of the conditions of your employment will result in termination.



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